Health Risk Assessment

Health Assessment: Know Your Score

Earn cash and learn more about your health.

What is a health assessment?

A health assessment (HA) is an easy and convenient way to review your health status and discover areas of improvement. When you complete your free, personal health assessment, you will learn more about your health risks, and steps you can take to live healthier.

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How to participate:


Take 15 minutes to complete the health assessment online.


A personalized report of your responses will be sent to you, and available right away.


Receive your $25 reward approximately one month after your HA is submitted. Your covered spouse will also receive $25 when they complete it**.

*Your reward will come in the mail and will look similar to an Explanation of Benefits. Please read the document carefully to ensure you receive your check.

What you receive:


Customized health information.


Health improvement resources.


Tips on healthy habits and what you can do to improve your lifestyle.


The option for free personalized health coaching.

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**Available to subscribers and their covered spouses who are enrolled in Individual and Small Group plans only.