Lead Screening

Today at least four million households have children living in them that are being exposed to lead. Your child can be exposed to lead in many places: home, a friend’s home, school, day care, etc. The effects of lead exposure cannot be corrected. The most important step you can take is to prevent lead exposure before it occurs.


Lead poisoning can affect nearly every system in the body, and it frequently goes unrecognized because lead poisoning often occurs with no obvious symptoms. Lower levels of lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities and behavioral problems. High levels of lead poisoning can cause seizures, comas, and even death.


Every child in New York state is required to be tested twice by the time they reach two years of age. Screening questions should then be asked by your child’s doctor throughout childhood.


Talk with your child’s doctor about testing regardless of whether or not you think your child is at risk. Ask if your child can be tested right in the doctor’s office. If not, request a script so you can take your child to a lab for testing.