To sign up for one of the wellness seminars or support groups in BlueShield of Northeastern New York's Arthritis Program, or for more information, just call the number listed below.

Arthritis Education
Arthritis Foundation of Northeastern New York 
(518) 456-1203

Fibromyalgia Support Group
St. Peter's Hospital 
(518) 482-5533

We are dedicated to helping you be as healthy as possible. Here are the resources - now it is up to you to choose your own way to wellness. 

The following hospitals, facilities and health care providers offer classes of various lengths. If you would like to sign up for a Seminar/Support group, or would like more information, call the number listed below.

Typical sessions include information on:

  • Medication for arthritis Impact of your diet
  •  How to reduce pain and increase range of motion 
  • Movements to increase strength and maintain muscle mass 
  • Simple arthritis exercises with household items such as a chair
  • Arthritis exercises performed in a pool 

Arthritis programs range from four to 12 sessions.