Mental Health Depression Management Program

Depression Management resources aim to improve the quality of life for our members with a diagnosis of depression. Quality of life is achieved through support of the health care practitioner’s plan of treatment, especially continuation of medication as ordered and follow-up after acute hospitalization. In addition, patient education and the identification of barriers to treatment are part of the depression management process, as well.

Members are identified for eligibility through:

  • Out-patient medical and pharmacy claims
  • In-patient hospital claims
  • Members with certain medical conditions may be appropriate candidates for depression management
  • Members may self-refer for assistance with depression management

  • Personalized educational material
  • Free, telephonic health coaching by our staff of registered nurses
  • Newsletter articles
  • Web links to nationally recognized resources
  • Web-based program information and self-management tools
  • Comprehensive prescription formulary
  • Online enrollment and "opt-out options"


The following resources are in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them:

Facts About Depression

PHQ-9 Depression Screening Tool

Print a copy of PHQ-9 depression screening tool and share the results with your healthcare practitioner.

Holistic Health

Stress Management